What to Look for in a Doggy Daycare

Doggy day health care is similar to a social membership for pooches – and it’s rather a lifesaver for owners. For working dog or cat parents, a day care provides an outstanding alternative to leaving a pooch home only all day, but that’s not the only reason to take into account departing your pooch at day good care. Doggy day attention provides a much-needed physical wall plug for high-energy pet dogs or for dogs whose owners are unable to keep up with their canine’s exercise needs, including the elderly and those with physical constraints. Ongoing socialization is also very important to any dog, and a well-run day treatment provides dog-friendly canines with safe and exciting play interactions.

If you’re considering mailing your pooch to a doggy day attention, it’s important to find the right one. Here’s what we look for in your dog day care.

Your Dog’s Home Away From Home
Worthwhile doggy day treatment should have protocols in place to protect your dog’s health. All dogs should be required to have proof of vaccination before being allowed on the premises. In addition, choose a day care in a position to provide your pet with immediate veterinary treatment should a crisis arise; ideally, this might mean taking him to your regular vet, if possible.

When multiple pups play together, they have to be properly supervised. An excellent doggy day treatment should always have at least a couple of staff members on duty in each play area to intervene if possible. Fights can occur even among well-socialized pet dogs, and trained personnel should be on duty to break up disputes or attend to medical needs within an emergency.

Decide on a day care facility that fosters available communication with pet parents. If your pet is involved with a battle, it’s important that the staff inform you, even if no person was injured. In addition, nothing at all makes a pet parent or guardian smile like getting a complete description of the dog’s day.

An excellent day care and attention will walk out its way to make certain every dog is going to get along with the other canines. The day good care may “interview” your pet, through both written record and physical analysis with other pups, to determine if he’s a good fit for the program. These evaluations are made to keep everyone safe from probably aggressive encounters.