Top We Chat Updates 2021

WeChat has undoubtedly changed how we communicate in China, thanks to its myriad of incredible features. In 2021, ten year after WeChat’s beta version 1.0 was released for iPhone users, iOS Version 8.0.9 has been released. The new version will be gradually released on other devices/ systems. 

It includes the largest upgrade in years, as well as a new set expressions. Other than bug fixes and improvements the most significant changes include a new function called My Status and animated Emojis. Some Emojis have a unique effect of ‘bombing’ your screen. WeChat’s features are constantly being improved – it is the super-app that keeps on giving.

Version 8.0.9 has been released. You can now create custom ringtones, reduce stickied chats, and more.

First, ensure that you have the latest version of your app downloaded from the app store.

You can find the latest updates in the section below

For friends, assign exclusive ringtones

Go to Settings > Message Notifications> > Ringtone for Incoming Phone Calls > Assign exclusive Ringtones for Friends

There are many song choices – you can search both for Chinese and English artists.

That ringtone will be played for you when your friend calls via WeChat

Once the ringtones have been set, you can toggle the option so that your friends can hear the same ringtone when they call.

Multi-Device Login Supported

With a simple tap, you can keep track of where you are logged in. You can send files, lock or mutes devices using your phone.

Follow Specific Members, but Mute Groups

If you are like us, there are probably too many random groups for you to manage. You have probably turned off your notifications. You can follow up on four people in these muted groups and get notifications when they post.

Hide Sticky Chats

They are the best for a reason. These chats, whether they’re from your China friends or work group chats, will eat up screen real estate. You can reduce them quickly with the new update.

Send money to strangers

You have just met your friend and they paid dinner. However, you don’t want to add them to WeChat. You can now send money directly to other people in a group, without having to add them.

Go to the group > Click on the + sign > Transfer > Choose the payee.

Only the group can see the amount sent. However, no other members of the group will have the ability to click on it.

Other WeChat Updates

  1. Homepage changes
  2. A new tab, ‘My Status’, has been added. You can select your personal state and other people in the same state.
  3. There are new emojis available, including animated ones that “bomb” your screen. The animated emojis for face expressions are larger and more expressive.
  4. WeChat Beans is a new in-app currency.
  5. The article’s “Floating Window” function has been updated.
  6. To match system settings, you can switch to dark mode.
  7. Visual display for songs.
  8. Improvements to voice messaging and easier swipe up to convert from text to voice.
NEW: Animated Emojis

The animated emojis are one of the most important new features. There are three with special effects (they look more 3D). WeChat also adds an animation effect to these emojis: “bomb”, ‘celebration”, and “fireworks”. These emojis can be sent or received by you. You can also see the animation on your screen.

NEW: Currency “WeChat Beans”.

You can now use the in-app currency “WeChat Beans”, which is 7 WeChat Beans equivalent to 1RMB.

You can recharge them at “Me-click your Avatar-WeChat Bean” to use to purchase goods.

UPDATED: “Floating Window”.

The “Floating Window” function is now located in the upper left corner (two dots style) and no longer on the right side.

MiniProgram page can be used more effectively now

We can pull down on the homepage to see both the used mini-programs and the “unfinished articles/videos”!




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