Protect Your Hospital With New Floor Mats

As a hospital administrator, you have many responsibilities. You probably don’t have much time to think about your floor mats. Although they are easy to forget, floor mats are crucial components of hospital safety. In today’s post, we will look at some of the ways Ultimate Mats could help you keep your hospital safe, clean, and sanitary.

Recessed floor mats

Most likely, your hospital’s entranceway has recessed flooring. If it has been open for many decades, there has probably been some damage. It can cause your flooring to wear down and make it slippery in wet weather. You don’t want staff or visitors to slip and fall from moisture. You don’t want your hospital to spend money on unnecessary repairs to your flooring. This can lead to a ruined recessed floor mat.

Sanitary Anti Fatigue Mats

Your hospital is full of hardworking employees. Many spend many hours each day on their feet. For example, nurses move quickly from one room to another throughout the day and spend considerable time at the nurse’s station. We have a wide range of anti-fatigue products that can help nurses maintain their energy levels throughout the day. 

Custom Logo Mats

Hospitals are a place for healing and rest. You take pride in the values that your hospital upholds. You have the opportunity to place custom logo mats with your institution’s colors, banners, and colors. Custom logo mats will not only show your pride but also let visitors, staff, and patients know that you care about your institution.

Hospital Entrance Mats

Every individual should first contact the hospital’s entrance. If they are tracked in, mud, water, and debris can make an unsafe and unsanitary environment. To prevent slips and keep the hospital clean, use floor mats. The entryway floor mats are used to clean the feet and protect the building’s floors from dirt and grime as people enter the hospital. To do the job, we recommend mats such as the Brush Hog or WaterHog Impressions HD Logo Mat. The hospital-grade mats will be ready to absorb as much water as possible and prevent any hazardous materials from getting into the area by the time the visitors get to the reception area.

Floor Mats for Patient and Visitor Areas

Choose logo floor mats for areas where visitors and patients frequent the hospital. They will provide comfort and stability, as well as the logo of the hospital. You can achieve this with floor mats like Classic Impressions or WaterHog Impressions HD Logo Mat. It’s a great idea to put a brand mark on any area that has a lot of foot traffic.

Hospital Kitchen and Laundry Mats

It is also important to have floor mats in hospitals’ kitchens and laundry areas. You will need to choose the right antifatigue mat for the kitchen. These mats are aesthetically pleasing for your hospital and provide support to those who work in the kitchen all day. These anti-fatigue mats are easy to clean and reduce the chance of getting tripped on food or water.

Floor Mats to Home Hospital Care

Safety is not just a concern at the hospital. Floor mats are still an important part of at-home hospital care. A home entrance mat will keep your floors clean and prevent hazardous debris from being tracked in.

The WaterHog Fashion Mat comes in many sizes and colors. It is an excellent choice for home entrance mats. This mat will provide safety for both the patient at home and the visiting healthcare professional while adding style.