Benefits of an Office Refurbishment

If your business has outgrown its existing office space and it is time for an upgrade, you might need to consider an office refurbishment. This type of project is often referred to as a “catastrophic fit out” characterized by major structural changes to the office space. Listed below are the benefits of Cat A and B fit-outs. You’ll learn about the benefits of Cat A and B fitouts and how to plan your office refurbishment effectively.

Renovation of an office space

Many ideas are floating around in design magazines and on the internet for the perfect office renovation. Although it’s tempting to go overboard and splurge on a custom-built conference room, keeping costs under control is important. Below are some tips that will help you make the most of your renovation budget. Keep reading to learn more about the different options available. You can start by exploring the different styles and finishes available for your space.

Cat B fit-out

A Cat B fit-out is an office design that combines lighting, flooring, walls, kitchen space, and company branding. It is a comprehensive project that will transform any office space from a blank canvas into a stunning and functional workspace. These offices are tailor-made and will reflect the company’s culture and ethos. They will also be more attractive to prospective employees. Here’s a closer look at some of the benefits of a Cat B fit-out.

Cat A fit-out

The basic fit-out of an office building or other commercial space, known as a Cat A fit-out, consists of basic electrical and mechanical works. It may also include new lighting, raised access floors, plumbing, and basic finishes. Companies that are relocating may consider converting older buildings into usable spaces. Cat A fit-out services can transform a shell into a functional workspace. You may have an existing building or property unfit for use but need some renovation or a major overhaul.

Cat C fit-out

Consider a Cat C fit-out if you’re considering renting out a commercial building. This type of fit-out involves a basic level of finish, such as raised floors, suspended ceilings, and internal surfaces. These works may include mechanical and electrical services, as well. However, it’s important to note that these works do not have structural work, like roofs and windows. Instead, they involve a variety of more minor, more essential services.

Cat D fit-out

A Cat D fit-out is an excellent choice for a space that requires more than basic furnishings. It can include a fully functional new IT infrastructure, sit/stands desks, and connected meeting rooms. The Cat B fit-out is designed to make interior spaces look more appealing and comfortable to employees. This type of fit-out is also known as a “plug and play” fit-out. Typically, landlords will supply the furniture and all necessary utilities, leaving the tenant to add IT equipment and staff.

Cat E fit-out

Whether you need to renovate your entire building or simply update your existing one, a Cat E office refurbishment is the right choice for you. The cost per square foot will vary greatly depending on the design and the level of specification you require. Cat A costs around PS15 per square foot for a basic fit-out, and Cat B fit-out costs around PS50 per square foot. While these are not the lowest prices, they can still be an excellent value for your money.

Cat F fit-out

When it comes to office refurbishment, Cat A and Cat B spaces are similar in that they are habitable. Still, they are not as finished as Cat A or B. Cat A spaces are often treated as a blank canvas by interior designers, as they have no meeting rooms or funky breakout areas. Therefore, a Cat B fit-out is necessary if the business needs a more modern and luxurious workplace. While Cat A spaces are habitable, tenants should think twice before adding funky furnishings and fittings to these spaces.