Wrestling: How a Pudgy Kid Became an Olympic Champion

The Olympic champion wrestler Sawzag Schultz was known as “Pudge” in wrestling sectors. He was a little bit chubby in the younger days. In truth, Dave’s friend Steve Holt explained in an article that Dave was a complete butterball without clear muscles when in high school. He claims that Dave would often be mistaken for a credit score keeper or a trainer. watch wwe

Steve first met Sawzag at a weekend event that Steve was struggling in during his high school years. Steve says, “I noticed this excess fat, pudgy freshman kid seated in the bleachers watching me during each circular. He was watching and studying me like a scientist does with a white lab rat in a maze. I consider he was even taking down notes! ” 

Relating to Jim Humphrey, previous head coach at In University, “He didn’t appear to be an athlete, with his slumped shoulders, shuffling walking, and being pigeon-toed. This individual wasn’t particularly fast. inches

Therefore, what set Sawzag “Pudge” Schultz apart from other wrestlers? How would he become so major?

Sought Out Advisors

The young Dave Schultz became a wrestling fanatic. This individual couldn’t get enough. This individual wanted to learn the best techniques he could and sought out ways to get in extra practice time.

For occasion, Chris Horpel first attained Dave when Horpel was already an NCAA All-American wrestler for Stanford. The 14-year-old Dave walked over from Palo Alto Large, asking the 21-year-old Horpel to wrestle with him. Horpel agreed, hoping to reduce Dave after having a few sessions. To his surprise, Dave kept heading back.

According to an Activities Illustrated article entitled “Brothers and Brawlers, ” “Dave, dyslexic as a child, had taken on wrestling in the seventh grade on the advice of a teacher who thought it would help him build self-confidence. It did that plus more. By his frosh year at Palo Elevado High, Dave was a wrestling fanatic. He used his singlet under his school clothes and his wrestling shoes everywhere. This individual trained as many as 3 times a day. Just after his senior high school workout, he would ride his bike a few miles up the road so he could practice with the Stanford wrestling team, whose instructor, Joe DeMeo, would then drive him 30 kilometers north to Skyline College or university for a session with a club called the Peninsula Grapplers. ”


Dave Schultz wasn’t a wrestling prodigy. He was dominant right from the beginning. It took as well as dedication.

Dave Schultz acquired dyslexia and was tempted and made fun of by other kids. When ever Dave first stepped on the wrestling mat in the seventh grade, this individual was clumsy and uncoordinated. He didn’t even make the varsity team and while wrestling JV this individual won only half of his matches. Many kids could have given up and found a new sport or hobby but not Dave. He was identified, and within two years was ranked the 2nd best wrestler in the world for his age group.

I’ve already noted that Dave Schultz practiced a lot. He put in more hours on the mat than most wrestlers would be willing to. He walked around grounds with his wrestling shoes tied around his the neck and throat. He’d carry around a huge copy of the specified guide to wrestling in the backpack.

He did not get his driver’s certificate at 16 because this individual didn’t want obtain time in taking the course. He previously a sweetheart for a while during his senior year of high school but dropped her after she suggested that he should hang away with her and less time wrestling.

Focus on Technique

Dave Schultz researched wrestling, analyzing techniques and breaking down each move. To Dave, wrestling was just like a mentally stimulating games match. He knew this individual wouldn’t regularly be more robust than an opponent but this individual could out-think him. Found in a Sports Illustrated article Dave states, “Guys have certain tactics, and i also study them. In that case I make an efforts to do what anchoring screws ’em up best. inch

Schultz has been globally praised as being among the finest technicians the activity of struggling has ever endured. A large number of considered him as the greatest technician in play fighting and a master strategist. His wrestling knowledge was vast.