Why Corporate Events are the Key to Stronger Team Building

It goes without saying that the stronger your team, the better your business. No matter which class of the office hierarchy you happen to reside in, chances are you’ve probably been part of one or several feeble attempts at group bonding to foster a sense of corporate comradery. Because Friday pizza parties can only do so much when it comes to bringing your team together, company’s are looking for new and innovative ways to foster a sense of community among employees and supervisors to create a more harmonious workspace. The answer to better team building? Corporate events. “Events” as in full stop productions, occasions, activities that take place beyond the confines of the 9-5 work day. The key to a stronger team is a corporate event greater than the likes of a slice of pizza between cubicles, an event that your team will remember and look back on with fondness.




There’s no telling what you’ll learn about your coworkers and employees when you’ve stepped outside of the building. Hosting a corporate event on Seafair, Miami’s premier mega-yacht venue will give your team the ultimate change of scenery. With breathtaking 360 degree views of Miami’s skyline and bayside, this corporate event space offers your company sights your employees could only dream of. Hosting a corporate event in a mega yacht venue like Miami’s Seafair is the perfect way to throw a wrench in the humdrum office routine, and inspire your employees to mingle and bond away from the stress and pressures of corporate projects.




One of the biggest differences between corporate events and your average run-of-the-mill office party is the effort. Organizing a corporate event simply takes way more work and foresight than leaving a box of donuts in the break room. Going the extra mile to organize a corporate event for your company shows your employees that you care. Even better, planning your event is made even easier with the help the Seafair venue’s one-of-a-kind hospitality team. Hosting your corporate event on a venue like Seafair will show the members of your company just how much you value their contributions by giving them a luxurious high end experience that is once-in-a-lifetime. From the vessel’s grand design, to the first class service provided by its crew, your team is sure to feel valued and appreciated.




When it comes to better team bonding, it’s almost less important that the memories made be positive than that they merely be shared among your team. If Seafair is your chosen event venue, however, your employees are sure to leave with a host of joyous memories of their lively time aboard Seafair. With over 22,000 square feet of luxuriously designed prime entertainment, exhibition, dining and meeting space, and a scenic sky deck with all encompassing views, every corner of the venue is yours to explore and make your own – because how often does get the opportunity to sail on a private mega yacht? Whatever the focus of your corporate event may be, one thing is absolutely certain – hosting it on a mega yacht venue like Seafair will be the ultimate team building experience for your employees.