Uses For a Haptics Enabled Glove With LED Lighted Arrays

Among the coolest latest technologies that can be advancing from the robotics and medical prosthesis sector is haptics. The ability to feel using pressure sensors now haptic gloves and automatic arms can pick up such things as wine glasses and eggs without breaking them. Another awesome technology is LED lights. LED robot party

One outstanding innovator JS Callahan has considered uniting such systems. But you may be wondering what could they be used for in combination? Well, I suppose such a system could be used to;

Teach simulators that would be employed in a Virtual Fact Environment
Aid in optically documenting sign language to presentation or text message
Use for computer navigation for air-traffic control
Use for computer systems like the one in Minority Report

Of course, entertainment is another very good use. Also, you could use the haptics to program your devices for you, rather than writing code, for animation, automatic vehicle control, etc. Basically as a person uses the glove and goes their hands, the detectors read that then track record it. Then you can set your light shows to it. 

Another use might be in the NY Symphony, if you have LEDs on a glove of the automovilista, then everyone in the orchestra can see it. Different colors could be displayed on different parts of the hand. In the event that he pointed at the Chellos section, they’d see a red LED on the tip. You could then set that to requirements, have an AJAI symphony conductor machine, and make use of it for practice to hone the relevant skills of the orchestra.

Likewise an LED glove could be used as a pointer, on the tip of a glove while giving classes to point at a power point presentation or map. Also if you wanted to guide them with a golf golf swing, Baseball batter’s swing, and many others. Perfect to use for training, and there is a lot of money in sports for such technologies.

Pressure Sensors and LEDs on a Baseball glove working in combo, have lots of applications, and they can be used together to do even more? Think on this.