Toy Trains of India

The individuals who are affectionate towards of traveling must take those joy ride of slow moving trains which increase to the slope resorts of Ooty (Udhangamandalam), Shimla, Darjeeling etc. Horaires RER B

That is the most fun experience of moving up the hills, passing the small hamlets and oriental terraced fields. You can go through the tunnels, over bridges and enjoy the ride. This slow moving train provides you with the most panoramic view which will leave you captivated. The scenic hillside resorts in these places are away from hurly-burly life of metropolis. 

The Shimla Train

You will discover 107 tunnels between Kalka to Shimla when you travel by a toy coach. The stunning view that this travelers face in between may be worth admiring. The hillside station Shimla is very well-connected by an extensive gauge line and it is up to Kalka. The distance of ninety six km is covered by the train in 6th hours From Kalka to Shimla.

The Darjeeling Teach

The most well-known of all the toy locomotives, is the train which links this town of Fresh Jalpaiguri to the pretty hillside station of Darjeeling. The Darjeeling Hill Railway the narrowest gauge and it is surely the best ‘toy train’. The tiny old engine of this train treats the connoisseurs. There are no tunnels in Darjeeling line which is eighty six km long, hence the travelers can have the never-ending view of the incredible scenery of the beautiful Himalayas. This seven-and-a-half hour journey is merely amazing and memorable.

The Nilgiri Train

The toy coach of Nilgiri Mountain train commences from the small town of Mettupalayam and so the enjoyment starts. The train here moves at the most speed of 33-km hourly which is loved by the passengers. The train treks across the plantations, plains and woods hills. You will find 16 passageways and some bridges on the way, which leave you mesmerized. This toy train journey must not be missed as it is a great experience.

The Matheran Guidebook

The range is as old as 77 years and preserves a nexus between Neral to Matheran. This is the key way by which one can reach this tiny hill resort which is very near Mumbai. Since there is less traffic in Matheran therefore it turns into a very peaceful and clean place. It takes around one-and-a-half hours to reach from Matheran to Neral. Here the train goes between sunrise and sun which would leave you captivated.