Top 5 Ways to Save Money on Your Next Postcard Campaign

We get asked this question all the time! Just how can I run a postcard marketing campaign on a shoestring budget?

Fine, let’s get strait to the point. You must spend some money to make money! It’s a well used saying but it’s true. However, We can show you how to save money on your postcard campaign. EDDM

you. Print You have Cards! In the event you’re just starting away, printing your own envelopes is not a bad idea. I use personally reacted to postcards that found my attention i could evidently see were created at home. Now, the scale was smaller than standard. These were not 4×6, I imagine we were holding 3×4. 5 in size. However the concept caught my eye, and I went to the website.

2. Shop around for printing! If you avoid have time to printing your own, go to at least 5 computer printers and get price rates. I have been advised by customers, that they have major printing companies who will print greeting cards for. 02 a part. Now, they’re not elegant, good results. a good message and a good list, they certainly the technique. So be diligent in shopping printing quotes.

3. Buy In Bulk If at all possible! Once you have found a sales message that works and generates the responses you need, choose the postcards in bulk! Acquire buying 2500 and up, you can get some killer deals on printing photos. But, once again, only after you know that your list broker is providing you solid labels and your sales communication is a winner.

4. Test, Test, Test! This kind of is very important! Test out the names you have become. Test different sales communications to find the best. Sending out 2500 untested postcards is an enormous waste material of money. You avoid wish to be stuck with 2600 postcards with a communication that doesn’t drive traffic the way it should. I recommend testing pots of 500 to find the response.

5. Mass Mailing Permits! Get a bulk mailing permit if possible. You can get a postcard stamp for. 28 that will take care of a postcard no much larger than 4×6. However with a bulk mailing grant, you will pay below that, and the cents will add up. Likewise, consider other mailing sites, such as Money Mailer, and so forth. Exactly where I are in Dallas, you can send out 12, 000 postcards in an envelope with other playing cards for 498. 00. Consequently, if you are have a product to promote to a broad audience this could be a good idea.

I’ll be posting other tips and tricks to maximize your advertising us dollars shortly.

However until then, happy mailing!