Star Wars Lego Minifigs – Figures of the Force

You will find hundreds of alien varieties that populate the Celebrity Wars universe, and you will have them all, in minifigs. Star Wars Lego minifigs are some of the most sought after and well-built Lego minifigures.

Obviously, the most highly required minifigs are those of the key characters. Iconic characters like Darth Vader, Queen Leia, Han Solo, Yoda and other characters that contain played a significant part in the Star Wars galaxy have an excellent following among fans, making minifigures of their likenesses very desired after. Some characters have even variations. Luke Skywalker can be found in his Tatooine clothes, Rebel Pilot Outfit and his black Jedi robes as noticed in Return of the Jedi. Padme Amidala is available in her regal garments, her white Assault of the Clones leggings and the senator’s attire seen in Revenge of the Sith. Darth Vader, despite not having halloween costume variations to his famous Sith wear, has seen various incarnations as well. As Anakin, he looks as both a padawan and a Jedi Grasp. Naturally, the Siths and the Jedi minifigs are choose Lego light sabers. minifigs

Side characters like the Gungan misfi Jar-jar Binks and Zam Wessell are also portrayed in minifigs. These characters, with their own unique backgrounds and stories double and gathered by many Star Battles fans as they expand the atmosphere of any scene. From the various Jedi Masters who to use the council to the bounty hunters in Jabba’s lair, these numbers are also important to any collector.

Finally, there are the unnamed characters. Though they do not represent any specific personality, their occurrence adds that final touch of genuineness to any scene. Not any Coruscant set would be complete without imperial pads and the coliseum in Geonosis would not be without the many Jedi knights who fended off the droids.

Collecting Celebrity Wars Lego minifigs can be a little challenging when dealing with the number of minifigs there are. The best idea would be to acquire those that are integral to an individual set or scene. A Kashyyyk diorama during the clone wars would not be with out a fair show of Wookies and identical copy troopers, as well as the Jedi Master Yoda. Setting a scope and range to the number you are collecting can help you keep keep track of of what you need.

Keep a checklist of minifigs. While having doubles of a single minifig would be good -particularly for the clones and storm troopers- it would be a waste to accidentally purchase two Mietmu?is Fetts because you did not remember to count the minifig that comes with the Slave One spaceship set in place. Keeping track of what you have and do not have will help you acquire using fewer resources.