Should You Use Charcoal For Your Gas Grills?

The popularity of charcoal propane gas grills

The debate between grilling with charcoal and gas grilling is not new. In simple fact, the answer to the discussion seems to have recently been settled already. Serious grillers usually preferred using cooking with charcoal briquettes over gas BBQ propane gas grills. Food grilled over grilling with charcoal creates a distinct taste and aroma while food grilled on the gas barbeque does not. Charcoal propane gas grills are often more lightweight as compared to their gas counterparts which are heavier in general. In addition to that, charcoal grills are less expensive than gas BBQ GRILL grills. guide

What about gas grills?

Among the gas grill’s advantages is the truth it lights up and gets hotter almost immediately. You also don’t have to be a serious griller to be able to operate the thing. Much less smoke is also spewed if you are by using a gas bbq grill grill. This makes gas bbq grilling convenient but in spite on this, many people still prefer charcoal-grilled food with all their benefits. 

All in all, the charcoal grill is the winner points for authenticity, preference, space, portability and cost. Take that, gas bbq grill grill!

Wait, you already bought a gas barbeque?

Is there any way I will convert my grilling into a charcoal grilling?

You don’t have to suffer buyer’s bad feelings as you eat your tasteless, odorless grilled barbeque. As a matter of fact, you could have the best of both worlds. You can have the features of both gas grilling and charcoal grilling using your own gas grill. Almost all you have to do is follow these steps:

But first, you will desire a gas grill, hand protection to handle charcoal, a wrench to remove gas grill components, a cable grill brush to clean the grill, a tote of charcoal briquettes, a charcoal poker to deal with hot coals, newspaper, complements, and the food you’ll be grilling.

1. Remove the gas component of the grill
Shut off and remove the propane tank, or gas tank, and the gas hose or pipe. You might need the help of a wrench tool to remove the components. This is to avoid fire or explosion when you light up the charcoal.

2. Lift out your grid, burners and steel tubes
The grid, also known as grill rack, is mistake the gas grill in which you cook your various meats and vegetables. This addresses the lower part of the grill. Remove it to enable you to have access to the bottom. After working out with out the grill tray, remove the burners and metal tubes. You may again need the help of your trusty wrench tool to remove these parts.

3. Clean out food scraps and grease
Employing a sturdy-bristle wire barbeque grill brush, get rid of all the food scraps and fat around the grill. Brush your inside of the barbeque, the lid and the grill rack. This is important to avoid flames or explosion when grilling with charcoal is used.

4. Spread paper around the bottom level
Once the insides of the grill are clean, crumple pieces of newspaper, preferably newspaper and spread them around the basic. This will help to the charcoal catch flames.

5. Stack and light up charcoal in the bottom
Fill the barbeque to an inch within its ream with a lot briquettes. Light the newspapers and charcoal up through the open slot using some matches. Blow on the embers to keep the flame burning.

6th. Let it heat up for around a couple of minutes
Permit the charcoal heat up for about ten minutes, until the embers die down a little. You will learn a thin layer of burning ash coating the charcoal briquettes. Make use of a charcoal poker to pass on the charcoal evenly surrounding the bottom of the barbeque. Add another layer of charcoal briquettes to cover the older layer. Via the older layer, get some pieces of burning up coals and add it over the cooler briquettes. Allow it ignite. This will help extend time range of the heat.

six. Replace the grid and cook!
Before you replace the grid or barbeque rack, make sure is actually clean. You can now cook your meat and vegetables over a new outdoor cooking with charcoal grill. You can screen whether the heat is merely right by inserting your hand in the grill. The heat is merely right if you cannot place your hand about this for more than three seconds. In the event that you see the temperatures dropping and the old charcoal briquettes checking out lung burning ash, simply add new black coals.