SEO – Google Places

A few days ago there was some troubling news brought to my attention. It appears that some SEO management businesses are recharging money to get customers listed in Google’s business listings, “ie” (“Google Places”). This news is not only disturbing, but to feel that a company would take good thing about a NO COST service and then impose customers to use this service, is an claque and just plain away ripping the customer off. google買評價推薦

Any business can take good thing about this service and all you require is a G-mail account. The same can be said for Askjeeve and Bing (these have time services). This service has been online for years and is better known as Maps. When a local search is done in one of those major search search engines there is a local map showing up on the right side of your browser window displaying local businesses in your area providing the service you are looking for. As far as SEO (search engine optimization) is involved, does it help your website? Not really. But what it will accomplish is building a reputable online presence. Not really just anyone can list a business, you actually have to have a legitimate business with a telephone number and subscriber address. Yes this information is verified!

Understand this service as Google’s yp except it is free. There is a paid version lets you use ad-words to promote your business, but this is completely optional. Also there is no way to insure that your company will be listed in the top 5 positions, that would allow companies control placements and none of them of the search engines like google are heading to allow that to take place.

If you are at the moment paying for an organization to provide you SEO or planning to hire a SEO firm this should be offered as a free service. If they are wanting to fee you extra for this service I would question the ethics of this company and would not hire them!