Movie Review of Marley and Me – Is It Family Friendly?

“Marley & Me”. (PG, 123 Minutes) Family Comedy, now on DVD. Starring Owen Wilson and Jennifer Anniston and directed by David Frankel. There are several elements of this movie that we will review to determine its’ family friendliness. 123 movies

Have you ever before had a dog that you raised from a puppy? Well, life on the whole can be challenging but add a new doggie to the mix and become ready for your life to be turned benefit down. That is just what the Grogans found away hard way.

The history is well-written and so near real life that you could ask yourself over and over, “Is this a true story? ” It will have many similarities to true to life. As a subject of fact it is based on a writer true story about his family adventures with a certain dog named Marley. 

There is nothing amazing about getting married, starting a fresh career, moving into a warmer climate and getting a new puppy dog, or is there? Intended for John and Jenny Grogan it was obviously a little more of a detour using their plans than they ever truly dreamed. Anything worth while in life needs a certain amount of effort nonetheless they do not expect Marley.

Being a dog owner myself, I actually can testify that Marley & Me, based on the real John Grogan’s smash 2005 memoir, is the single most lovely and traditional movie about the human-canine connection in decades. It’s also something more: a disarmingly exciting, wholehearted comic vision of the happy messiness of family life. It is a part of life that many families, especially owners, can relate to and appreciate.

This love letter to man’s best friend will make dog lovers roll over and do tricks. It is so warmhearted, you’ll be wanting to run away and hug the closest big furry mutt. This is a clean family friendly movie that the whole family can also enjoy together. There are a few things which may deserve somewhat of caution for younger children but overall there is something for everybody.

With out handing out too much and ruining the movie for you, there are several key elements of the film that bare mentioning. It address some strong character and family issues that are akin to real life. Marley & Me has a way of making you feel a variety of thoughts toward “the world’s most severe dog” and the family that is likely to it. It in the end has got the viewer drawing on their own special memories.

Right now there are some who might consider this movie, to possess a boring story line because it is expending about an ordinary family and their dog. Seriously, if you need to look at something with a lot of special results, foul language, sex and violence then this is not what you are looking for. However, if you need to watch a hilarious, family friendly, heart holding movie with the ones you adore… then grab some popcorn, gather the family around, and hit play. You might do a great deal worse.