Make Concrete Blocks – A Solid Way to Make Money

Producing concrete blocks is a great business to begin from home. Low cost and solid demand for concrete floor blocks make this a fine business. Concrete obstructions are always in demand everywhere. hollow blocks price philippines

Concrete blocks are being used in building everything from huge buildings right down to the smallest back garden compost box. Demand is frequent and will never die provided that building is going on. You are able to rely on a good market for your cement hindrances. You are not making widgets which go away of fashion in a short time. 

Should you not have a lot of money to invest, tend to be buying a way to get started on small businesses00, concrete block production may be your opportunity. You can start from your own home working with hand forms in your garage. With this approach you can convert out 100 blocks every day quite easily. By a later stage your business will have cultivated and you will probably need more obstructions to supply your clients. You can buy or build a concrete block machine capable of producing hundreds of blocks in a functional day.

Plywood and sheet steel are needed to make hand molds. They are easy to make from available plans. You simply fill the molds with the appropriate concrete combine and turn out the blocks to dry. Programs with instructions are available to show how this is done. All you need to get began couple of plywood and piece metal to make the molds and a resource of Portland cement, mud, gravel and water. All these are easy to obtain in your area at the lumberyard.

When your concrete block production using hand molds is no longer sufficient you will want a machine to manufacture the blocks. Right now there are a number of commercially made machines available. They certainly a good job but are quite high priced. Buy one if you can afford it and it will pay for itself with increased output. Building your own machine is the cheaper way to go.

Build your own machine? Yes you can build a fantastic machine from different auto parts and a few probabilities and ends. It is straightforward to make and a welding shop can do the welding if you aren’t competent at this. This kind of machine can turn away 800 blocks in a working day which is as good as or better than the commercial models.

Making your own machine is reasonably easy if you have any physical ability. The saving over purchase of a machine is big. You can also create a smaller palm operated machine which is of simple construction and can turn out 2 hundred blocks in a day. When you have a machine going you will need aid to operate the machine and move the completed blocks to the drying area. To cater to your blocks while blow drying you will need more space.

When you are manufacturing concrete blocks you will want to add other concrete products to your line. There is a strong demand for bird baths, sundials, garden furniture, patio slabs and a variety of other products. These additional products will add considerably to your profits when you offer them to customers. The markup on these is often much more than on cement hindrances. Plans and instructions are available for all these items and they are certainly worth increasing your business line of products.