How to Travel Cheap in Singapore and Malaysia – Go With the Flow of Currency

Singapore and Malaysia are two very exotic and interesting places to visit in South East Asia. Vacationing to these countries will not have to be expensive, in fact they are both quite affordable top places to visit offering very good value for cash. This kind of article will provide you an affordable way to get the most value away of your dollar put in Malaysia and Singapore. In other words, spending less and enjoying more! best health insurance in malaysia

To be able to spend less and enjoy more, you must be able to get more appeal out of your valuable dollar. One way to do this is to select the flow of money value from Singapore to Malaysia. The value of the Singapore Dollar (S$) is much greater than the Malaysia Ringgit (RM) money. By travelling in the direction from the region with the higher value of the currency, it will offer you more buying ability within the next country you will visit, and reduces the wastage of left over dollars to be changed to the next forex of your next vacation spot. 

The following is an example to explain: Let’s say you have completed your trip in Singapore and you are ready to go to your trip to Malaysia. You’ve still acquired a whole bunch of Singapore Dollars remaining. What you do is exchange whatever you can into Malaysia Ringgits (which is your country of destination). Afterward you take out your solid Singapore dollar charges, the ones in the biggest denominations, such as 10S$, 50S$ and 100S$ bills and you exchange them for Malaysia Ringgit. During writing, approximately one particular Singapore dollar = 2. 4 Malaysia Ringgit, which is finished 2 times the conversion rate.

By doing this, you will surely minimize any left over Singapore Dollars, and take full advantage of how much your Malaysia Ringgit. Should you did this the other way around, by converting Malaysia Ringgit to Singapore Dollars, you will definitely be losing away and not be enjoying this significant conversion edge!

Therefore if you are ever planning a visit to Singapore and Malaysia, it is recommended to go to Singapore first, as it is the nation with the higher currency value. Simply by going through Singapore first, you can make certain you increase the amount of left over Singapore dollars to be converted to Malaysia Ringgits. This will help in the long run in order that you not waste any us dollars through the exchange rates, and raise the amount of money you have to spend.

Alec Chan is a travel writer who has travelled all around Asia for the earlier 8 years, and has developed powerful strategies on the way to get the best offers in all of the his travel places. He constantly gives educational, accurate, and insightful travel information through his travel blog.