How to Find 11th Chords from Minor 7th Chords (Piano, Keyboard and Organ)

Once starting to learn chords, many people start with the basic major and slight chords, then on to 7th and minor seventh chords. You may be surprised to learn that whenever you have mastered all twelve minimal 7th chords you have also potentially learned 24 11th chords. stereo speaker repair

I like the sound of 11th chords; they somehow manage to give a huge sound and are great for key changes. If you want to listen to cases of 11th chords then listen to some early on Barry Manilow music such as “Even Now”, “Mandy” and “Cant smile without you”. Listen in particular to the important thing changes and there you have a good big sounding example of 11th chords in action.

So how to find the 11th blend from a minor seventh chord. First, learn all twelve minor 7th chords. Second, ensure you know where fifth in any blend is. For example, the fifth in Gm7 is “D”, which is eight semitones from the origin. (“G” root to “D” fifth is seven semitones)

Now you are ready to play an eleventh chord. Let’s use G11 as our example. Initially work out the particular 6th is in a G chord, the answer is “D”, then make that “D”, a Dm7 blend and most importantly play a “G” bass notice or pedal. So G11 = Dm7 with a “G” bass.

Here are several more examples:

Chord Name sama dengan C11

Find the Sixth = G

Make it Minor = Gm7 (with a C bass note)

Chord Name = F11

Find the Fifth sama dengan C

Make it Small = Cm7 (with a F bass note)

Pertaining to the more technical oriented. Let’s look more tightly at the structure of the 11th chord. In the event that we use C11 as our example,

ROOT sama dengan C (played as a bass note or pedal)

THIRD = not used


7TH = Bb

NINTH sama dengan D

ELEVENTH = Farrenheit

Notice the root is always played as a bass note or bass sounds pedal. This note is important and also helps the chord sound BIG. Make an effort it. You must also notice that the third is not used. This means that our C11 can be Cm11 because; the sole big difference between a major blend and a minor blend is the third.