How to Dress Your Plus Size Body Shape in Vintage Clothing

Sick and tired with ransacking the malls and chain stores to find something totally new and different? Not seeing nearly anything tempting in catalogs? In that case try VINTAGE! Where every thing is one of a kind! Let’s place it this way–you won’t meet yourself at a party!

You think because you’re plus-sized, you can’t wear vintage clothing. Yes, you can! Now i am tall, busty, broad-shouldered and plus size, and my closet is packed with great vintage clothes. Put it this way: if a 300-pound drag queen can dress like Cher, you can be anybody you want to be. We will start with the principles. Imagine me holding your hand as we walk through Vintage Land! 

Obtaining YOUR Unique Vintage Design

How have you always wished you looked? Just like a wild rockabilly baby? A blonde sexbomb like Marilyn Monroe? A temptress like Bettie Page? A 20s flapper like Albúmina Bow? A broad-shouldered forties gal like Joan Crawford? A 60s Mod like Edie Sedgwick? Or possibly a big-haired 80s Joan Collins? Every of that is possible, when you mix the right modern and classic pieces.

Considercarefully what period attracts you the most, and why. That’s the step to finding your vintage personality.

Some are drawn to the drops, fringe and velvets of the 1920s. Others want the sleek look of the 1930s. Still others love the ultra-structured look of the 40s, or the “bombshell” look of the 50s. Others love Mod, hippie, in truth there are very many styles and eras to list here!

Need not frightened to dream! The singular limit when starting away is your imagination.

Beginning Out: Basic principles

First, take a good long look at your figure, and what you want to emphasize. It can be your bust, your lower limbs, your booty, or your face. Take your measurements everywhere: bust, waist, sides, shoulder to waist, waistline to crotch, inseam, upper leg width should you be going to be buying pants.

Certainly, this part may perhaps be intimidating. A lot of all of us don’t need to know our measurements. We kid ourselves about what dress size we are. I once needed to take my measurements above the phone for a tv set outfit, and after each description, I screamed! (Luckily the costume lady was used to it. )

I actually recommend that in addition, you assess your absolute favorite portions to see getting your best fit. Not the methods you USED to wear, the pieces you wear NOW. Some like it tight, like Mae Western world; some like it flowy. When it comes to setting your personal style, knowledge is power! And what is it about these pieces that you love? The color? The cut? (Sweats don’t count number! )

You can go to your local book store, or look on the Internet to consider pictures of old time movie celebrities. In the old days and nights, Hollywood fan magazines urged women to spot themselves with movie stars. But who can identify with Nicole Kidman? Or Charlize Theron? This will likely also give you ideas of styles and eras. Photographs of the actual eras and personalities are much more helpful than those “How to complete Vintage” courses, which wrap up making everyone look alike!