How To Curl Your Hair With A Flat Iron Using These Easy Hairstyle Tips!

If you would like to learn how to curly your hair with a flat iron, no worries, the process is easy. You just need to to have the right styling tools and know which way to use in order to attain the perfect ugly hairstyle that best suits you.

To start, you first need to make certain that your hair is completely dry. Never snuggle your hair with a hot iron when it is damp or rainy because this might lead to major damage. Although freshly cleaned hair is ok, curl seem to be to turn away better on hair which was washed a day or two before mainly because there are more natural natural oils on the hair. These types of natural oils actually help to protect the frizzy hair from the heat during the styling process. 

Consequently, if you wish to discover how to curl your hair with a flat iron likely to first need these tools:

You’ll desire a comb to remove any tangles from the hair prior to applying the hot flat iron.
Hair clips to maintain other hairs in place that will later be curled.
You can choose to curl your locks with a curling flat iron or a flat flat iron hair straightener because both work well at adding perfect curls to curly hair. However, if you have a specific size in mind for your curl and you want properly uniformed curls, it is best to use a curling iron. Nevertheless, flat irons work well for anyone who is versatile and like to add somewhat of variation to your curl.

A good hairspray can hold your curls unchanged throughout the day so that your hair would not become limp and direct.

Shine Serum adds great shine to your perfect curls!

Styling Suggestions:

Green your hair up and only leave a section of the back down. This will ensure that the best and sides of your hairs curls stay fresh and bouncy through the method.
Now, start at the back and take about an inch to two inches of hair and place your frizzy hair in your flat straightener as near the origins of your hair whenever possible, but don’t touch your scalp. Then slowly move your flat iron down, while twirling your palm back and around to allow your hair to curl. Try not to stop or make worked up motions as this will only create kinks in your hair.
As you are slowly pulling the flat iron down along your hair, continue to twirl it in a circular motion to create your curls. Always do this throughout your frizzy hair beginning with the back, working your way in to the central of your head and then do the factors and front of your hair last. Don’t neglect to spray each section – back, middle, edges and front with curly hair spray and shine serum prior to moving to another section. This will ensure that every one of your curls have hold.
Once done, add a final spritz of hairspray to carry in the style along with a light mist of glow serum. Not only will your curls hold up throughout the day, but you will find a natural shine that increases an even more perfect curly hairstyle!