How a Memorable Bible Study on Revelation Helped Me to ‘Crack the Prophecy Code’

The controversy surrounding the draw of the beast appears to stem from the several belief of who the beast is. The different views about who or what the beast is amounts from nation, to system, to governments, to enterprise etc. The wide variety of opinions, even in theological circles, tells myself that people are ignoring the most fundamental rule in executing a Bible study on Revelations – allow the scriptures to interpret themselves. memo bible 3000

A lot of deductions are being reached by conjectures, and are being accepted because the authors of these conclusions aren’t usually inhibited due to their biblical stature. But we are admonished by the apostle Peter that “no prediction of the scripture is of any private interpretation” (2Pet. 1: 20). 

In fact, I am speaking as a former advocate of what I now consider to be a problematic philosophy which does not enhance a Bible review on Revelations. Surprisingly, it was just one passage of scripture that switched things around and change my whole concept of what a Bible research on Revelations really should be. When I discover what this verse is saying, and where it leads, I felt as if I have broke the prophecy code! To tell you the real truth, initially I felt as if I used to be actually advised into an improved understanding of Revelations. The whole tale of how I my thinking on Bible prediction was changed is recorded in greater detail on my website.

It’s interesting that my present knowledge of Bible prediction did not come to me in the traditional way; I didn’t read the latest prophecy catalogs, it wasn’t because We attended some big name prophecy seminars; It was not due to an impressive sermon; nothing of the type. All I would was to take my Bible along with my Strong’s concordance and made the decision that I was heading to be as genuine and dispassionate? nternet site can be. And will you believe it, the one thing i have discovered that changed the sport completely is this, in order for me to read Bible prophecies I must not interpret them at all; I must allow the scriptures to provide all interpretations. In other words, all you need to do is to follow Bible instructions in prophetic interpretation.

Let myself tell you where that one verse of bible verses is found that cause my Bible study on Revelations to take off. It was on a Saturday night when My spouse and i was studying Revelations 13, but because of my need for clarity on who the beast is I decided to convert to chapter 17 where I thought I could acquire some help. While We were checking that section, the eleventh verse is what caught my attention. Here is what it says,

“And the beast that was, and is not, even he is the eighth, and is of the seven, and goeth into perdition”

Taking the biblical interpretation from both the previous verses (seven heads = seven kings), I concluded from this verse that the beast is a symbol of a king. And this is not the only basis for my findings; I checked this realization against all the tales of other Bible copy writers, including Daniel and the apostle Paul, and located overwhelming support. Not only was I confirmed in that conclusion on Facts 17, but I was blown away with the very fact that my conclusions generally mark-of-the beast issue installed therefore of my popularity of the interpretation in this one verse fit just like a hand to a glove the testimonies of 13 prophets! Amazing! This kind of is the most exceptional finding in my prediction research.