Flo Rida Songs – Best of the Best

Flo Rida songs may well not be the most lyrical tracks ever written, but much like his predeccessor Nelly, the man knows how to write an important song with a refrain that gets stuck in your mind. Flo Rida’s most popular -and first- single was your keep track of “Low” featuring T-Pain, which was featured on the soundtrack of Step Up 2: The Streets and his own debut release Mail on Sunday (2007). “Low” topped the Billboard charts and stayed there for months to come. bestoflyric.com

With momentum building, the Florida born rapper struck the charts with 3 additional songs from Email on Sunday: “Elevator, very well “In the Ayer” and “Roll” all hit Billboard’s top 100 (though not the top) in 08. Flo Rida songs acquired caught on in a major way and he was capable to attract some of the biggest names in hip as collaborators: Timbaland, Sean Kingston and Lil’ Wayne just to name a few. 

While working away at his second album in 2008, Flo Rida made an appearance on several well known rap singles, including “Move Shake Drop” with DISC JOCKEY Laz and “Running Back” with Jessica Mauboy. Most likely his most popular appearance was on “The Fame” with Lady Gaga. Almost all of this was but a preamble to Requiebro Rida’s up and arriving album “R. O. U. T. S. ” which debuted last year.

His tunes have just one way of sticking in your head, and “Right Round” was no exception. This skyrocketed from number 54.99 to number one in only week and got destroyed a new record for most sales online (a record he set him or her self with “Low. “) An additional single released was “Sugar” alongside Wynter Gordon (who writes for Jennifer Lopez and Rihanna) and come to number five on the charts. Will Flo Rida songs maintain their place sensibility while continuing to build his street cred as an up arriving MC from the already crowded southern rap field? It appears nothing are able to stop Flor Rida right now, as he has more momentum than almost any other rapper out there today (with the significant exceptions of Kanye Western world and Lil Wayne). Although there has been no official release date for his new album, you can guess that Flo Rida songs will be featured heavily on other top stars albums and tours (such as The celebrity and Christina Aguilera). I actually really look forward to hearing more songs from Flo Rida; once you hear them, weight reduction get rid of them!