Dream Interpretation Based On Carl Jung’s Method And New Discoveries

Carl Jung ignored the content existent in the subconscious mind. He could only understand a few aspects of the unconscious intelligence. This is why his work was obscure. dream symbols

This individual believed that we could hardly decipher all mysteries while i was alive, and he accepted his lack of knowledge. The knowledge he recently when he interpreted the meaning of dreams was not as clear as the knowledge I have – and the knowledge you can have because of my clarifications. 

For Jung everything was mysterious and dangerous. For me everything was dangerous, but clear.

I had fashioned many explanations and lessons in dreams because I recognized the sanctity of the unconscious brain and i also noticed that since God is the dream producer, I had formed to obey the keen guidance. My obedience allowed me to learn a lot more.

Jung realized that the dream emblems have the same so this means for all dreamers, but at the same time he believed that we couldn’t translate everyone’s dreams the same way because every individual has different personality traits and a different life biography.

I responded this matter by validating that the dream dialect has a specific so this means, and by discovering the meaning of various dream signs thanks to the information I had in dreams and signs of my reality, and also thanks a lot to the codes I discovered in a book written by Chico Xavier, a Brazilian spiritual guide. These types of codes allowed me to have an improved communication with the unconscious mind, which is God’s mind.

I had been also immensely helped by the translation of the symbolic meaning of a literary book I acquired written once i was a teenager, which contained numerous wish symbols. We could translate the meaning of literary works the same way we translate dreams, and have more information about our reality this way.

The translation of the emblematic meaning of my fictional book helped me be familiar with meaning of numerous dream symbols that Jung had mentioned without understanding their meaning, as he had confessed. I possibly could also discover the interpretation of many other desire symbols thanks to this literary book, which performed like a dictionary of dream symbols for me personally.

One dream symbol helped me understand the so this means of another dream mark found in the e book. All heroes in the story were important fantasy symbols, even though I actually ignored the symbolic interpretation of dreams when My spouse and i had written this e book.

The dream language is based on specific descriptions, and it is the same for all dreamers, but every dream must be related to the dreamer’s life biography so that we may plainly understand its meaning.

To get example, here are two sentences from a fantasy dreamt by a man:

‘There was obviously a flood in the living room. M (a frustrated friend) called an succursale. ‘

Dream translation:

‘There was a flood in the living room. ‘
The flood is an overflowing of a sizable amount of water beyond their normal confines. A large amount of water in dreams represents materialism.

The flood indicates that you are too materialistic and you don’t have confidence in the existence of a religious reality. You don’t consider in God’s salvation.

The living room represents an important part of your psyche.

Therefore, an important part of your mind doesn’t believe in The almighty and cares only about the fabric reality.

FEEL (a depressed friend) called an ambulance. ‘

Meters represents a depressed part of your personality.