Choosing an Exhaust System

Gibson Performance Exhaust systems are made in gas and diesel applications for autos, trucks and sport electricity vehicles with a limited lifetime warrantee and will not effect factory extended warranties. With options such as aluminized or stainless-steel and five different exhaust leaves, there is no heading wrong with Gibson’s series of performance cat-back systems. You will certainly find what you are looking for in this range with the style, rpm, tone and brilliant executive, whether your vehicle is for work or for play. The performance and strength of the parts are also quite impressive. Practically all of the parts come zinc-plated with heavy duty stainless-steel clamps and offer the maximum exhaust circulation for the most effective exhaust and have 3 to four- inch tailpipes. read article

The Gibson Side Hidden Exhaust can provide a quick acceleration and the best towing power. Hill-climbing is at its easiest with a low-end horsepower gain and at the same time you’ll have a quiet in-cab, low build. Exit is behind the rear tire near stock, and the mandrel- twisted tubing keeps exhaust circulation frequent for maximum performance. This side-swept exhaust comes with a T-304 high polished stainless steel clamp-less slash tip and zinc plated 3/8 to half of inch factory style hangers, heavy-duty clamps, and metal steel- 409L Stainless heavy -duty tubing, just like almost all of the exhausts. 

The Gibson Dual Cat-back Exhaust system horsepower gains are 10 to 15 and 15-20lb-ft of increase torque and will cause better fuel efficiency. Several of the best features of the exhaust system are the easy bolt-on assembly, a great look and a decrease in the negative exhaust damage to your tow trailer. This will provide the same great exhaust flow and come zinc-plated as stated above, but it brings on a Superflow TM Muffler that is completely welded, baffled and chambered for better volume efficiency.

With the Split Back Bolt-on Cat-back Exhaust there is a rise in horsepower and torque therefore of decreased backpressure. It can work on most bumpers good results. some vehicles you might need to remove the spare wheel, and it is not suggested for towing because of carbon monoxide issues. The best qualities of this are the increased horsepower (average gain of 15-20) and the intense sound.

An alternative to the Split Rear Bolt- on Cat-back is the Gibson Extreme Dual Bolt on Cat-back. This exhaust is wonderful for looks (dual exits in back of the rear wheels at an angle) and even better for performance. The towing, passing, and increasing talents will skyrocket.

The Gibson Super Truck Wear out is fast, powerful, and loud. There are particular dyno-tested gains in horse power, torque, and fuel efficiency and noise levels struck 95 decibels.

The point of your diesel exhaust is to diminish backpressure, lower temperatures and give power. With Gibson’s Diesel Single Area Exit Exhaust you will get just that. This kind of heavy-duty exhaust provides a dyno-tested increase as much as 32 horsepower and, in addition, 60 ft-lbs in torque. This comes with a four-inch Mandrel bent tailpipe allowing maximum circulation and performance. If you want this in a dual exhaust it is available with a three-inch tailpipe and rear-wheel body at an angle. This kind of is the Gibson Diesel engine Extreme Dual Exhaust.

One more good option to the Dual Diesel Extreme is the Diesel Dual Sport Exhaust. Gibson made this for a great look, a 30 ft-lbs rpm increase, and an great sound. This comes in the large three-inch Mandrel bent tailpipe with the Superflow TM Muffler. The Dual Sport also supplies a 12-15 horsepower increase.