Cheese From the Balearic Islands, Spain

A single of the most well known cheese of the Balearic Islands is certainly the Menorcan cheese known as the ‘Mahon? s’ or Mah? n-Menorca parmesan cheese. It has a dazzling orange rind and is made using cow’s dairy and fermented at low temperature. The Mah? n-Menorca cheese is protected by its own Denomination of Origin and is always and exclusively produced in Menorca. balearic islands spain

This cheese was the first product in Spain, apart from wine beverage, to be granted defensive status under a naming of origin and was voted ‘best cheese in Spain’ in 2001. This is still produced regarding to traditional methods and is one of the pillars of Menorcan economic climate and culinary tradition. Depending how long the mozzarella cheese is allowed to develop fully, the finish product is either a semi cured or fully cured variety. The semi cured Mah? in Menorca cheese is brighter whereas the cured version is more intense. It might be surprising to hear that such a tiny island produces such a high quality cheese, but it is often throughout the world recognized and is released to the rest of Spain as well as other countries including the Usa and Germany. 

Less well-known is Mallorcan cheese, typically produced across the island, and unlike its Menorcan aunty, is made using sheep’s milk. Majorcan cheese is high in fat and has an powerful flavor, dark brown rind and creamy texture. The mozzarella cheese or ‘formatge’ in Mallorcan is produced in fresh, cured and semi treated varieties at various organizations across the island.