Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting – A Review of One Popular Dedicated Server Hosting Company

While looking for cheap dedicated server hosting it’s best to really know what your arising front. Therefore I decided to start a review for you of 1 of the more popular cheap dedicated server hosting companies. This is what I found for you. cheap dedicated servers

The technological stuff and some suggestions for what to look for in a minimal costed dedicated server plan:

Glass windows 2003/2008 or Linux (Red Hat, Free BSD, and so forth. ) servers: 
AMD Athlon 2000+, 512 MB DDR RAM, 40 Gigs Hard disk drive,
1400 GB Monthly Visitors (non Cogent), 100 Mbps Connection,
FREE Webmin The control panel (Plesk almost 8, cPanel/whm or Helm for Windows at the additional fee), full root gain access to the server.
A few other important points are:

You want complete access and control over your storage space.
You wish to be able to load any applications you choose as long as they avoid violate the user’s coverage.
Hardware changes that can be made at any time.
Ability to have multiple IP addresses
The server should be encased in a concrete sturdy, cement block collocation service with redundant local electricity feeds. Even generator again up is preferred.
By the very least an e-mail support service
A connection form of at least 100Mbps cross connection to Infolink switches which have obsolete Tier-One backbone connections.
While you can see there is a lot to consider when making your choice for cheap dedicated machine hosting. I hope it turned out informative and helps you think about to get service from any company.