Business Growth Secret Revealed – Using a Marketing Calendar

Utilizing a marketing calendar
Many companies might not exactly necessarily be doing their marketing planning this way or may choose to be doing this in a similar way. Either way, by using a marketing calendar can be massively successful strategy to increase your business through effective marketing. AWOL Academy Review

What is a marketing calendar?
An advertising calendar is a way to organize your marketing activity to specific times or deadlines relevant to the target markets of your business; 

For example a florist could focus on mother’s day marketing and promotion. It could be a more general month target of for instance targeting Xmas shoppers in November. This can even be used to routine information or promotion to clients who have recently been engaged to services for a certain period, such as an insurance company may wish to do certain marketing activities prior to renewal dates for illustration.

A marketing calendar can become a way of seeking at different key goal markets throughout every season and aiming all the marketing work for greater impact in gaining your target market segments.

You may also notice trends at certain times of the year, which you may choose to try to exploit more fully in your marketing calendar planning. Say for example a financial planner may see a spike in new year resolutions leading to more interest in riches creation early in 2012.

How to do a marketing calendar?
Your marketing calendar is a working document you can change and update throughout the routine year. A marketing schedule should be simple. We recommend a basic spreadsheet matrix with months or date ranges with your key goal market type described along with the key marketing efforts directed at that target market.

Return back and review your target market segments.
A good business should know just who or what kind of customer or customers it would like. Remind yourself the types of target market segments that you could be winning more, make more money from, convey more competitive strengths in, more specialized in or even just downright enjoy more. The key is don’t be too wide or have too many. The greater specific your aim for market is, the easier your marketing becomes and chance of marketing success.

Review all of your marketing activity
If you haven’t already succeeded in doing so, go on and write down your marketing efforts in details and check on just how effective each marketing tool is for you. To mention the evident you should then consider adding more give attention to the ones that work and reducing the ones that avoid work. You could also try to match certain ones to the several concentrate on markets.

Some examples of your marketing efforts maybe be:
– Signage

– Social networking

– Websites

– Referral partners

– Organization network

– Paid online marketing

– Asking for referrals

– Web running a blog or SEO

– news letters

What if this really does not apply to your type of business?
Probably your business is not dependent on the day or time of the year. If so, consider just having after proper care schedules to perhaps request referrals or cross sell you at a certain point after a deal.

Where do I find the time to try this?

Well often business owners having out of the business long enough to build up some systems to improve their businesses. If this is the case they can be unlikely to get different results.