Breastfeeding Twins Can Be Made Into An Enjoyable Task!

Having twins is double special event! However, breastfeeding twins is double hard work! Baby twins means double tantrums. Yet, if you know how to handle two small tots simultaneously, they give you many of the most wonderful occasions of life! Zwillinge stillen

One of the challenges of having two babies is defeating breastfeeding problems. Will they get hungry together? Will certainly you have to nourish them 1 by you? There are lots of breastfeeding questions lingering in the minds of new moms. Here are several ways to help you handle the task of breastfeeding dual babies. 

Making A Breastfeeding a baby Chart

Prepare a visible chart of breastfeeding. This kind of will help to you know the time to feed baby, by just looking at her. In the case of twins, you need to prepare two charts. You should talk to your doctor regarding chart planning. Additionally, you need to discuss about food for babies and baby formula that is right for your baby. It is advisable to give your milk, rather than giving baby formula for the first months.

Your graph involves columns like feeing time, meals fed, amount fed, and other such important details. This way, you will get an idea of the regularity of meals and the time your babies are hungry.

Remember; or if you baby reaches 7-12 months of age, she will develop her own taste in food. You have twins babies does not mean, they are all will develop the same taste. Generally there are common cases where twin have contrasting preferences and behavior. One of them may suck more milk than the other, or have different food timings. The chart will help you keep a track on your twins’ feeding.

Handling Twins’ Contact Of Hunger

A smart mom will usually put together her baby food ahead of time. This way, your infants get food instantly when they call for being hungry and will not need to wait and wail loudly. It’s a good idea to put together baby food at home. It’s fresh and delete word, plus loaded with nutrition. Besides this, the food is free of chemical preservatives and is great quality. If you don’t want to make a hubbub in the house by two screaming babies, put together foods for infants in advance!

Have the help of a medical expert or midwife regarding positions for breastfeeding. You can buy breastfeeding tops as well as breastfeeding cover to ease in this task. Read articles and books on breastfeeding twin babies and enjoy the job!