Best Kids Movies of 2009

Digital video disks and Blu-Ray best kids movies of 2009

Since the parent of a 6 year old, We’ve spent adequate time in cinemas this year and we’ve seen most if not all of the major kids films released in 2009. I really thought it might be convenient to offer you my quick reviews and views on what are the best kids or family videos of 2009 which are going to be available to buy on Blu Ray or DVD for Christmas. I’ll review them from my point of view as a mother or father, and from the point of view of my son, as in whether he enjoyed it or not, and whether My spouse and i think it will put up with repeat viewings at home. yesmovies

These aren’t in date order, I’m just adding these as the come to me:

1. Marley and Me. 

Marley and Me was an odd film. The truth is I would go so far as to express it was a two parallel films which might have been brilliant had they both worked well. On the one hands, Marley and Me was a movie for central aged men approaching or post mid-life crisis. That dealt with issues such as men losing their independence when entering a relationship, the difficulties of juggling work and home life, and issues about having children and people. I have to say, it handled these issues perfectly and as a grown up film, My spouse and i thought it was very good and Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston were both excellent. However, the movie was marketed as a goofball family comedy spinning around a huge silly dog, Marley. My son and I had seen the trailers for the movie whilst watching other videos at the cinema (I can’t remember exactly which ones, but probably the likes of Hotel for Dogs, and Monsters Vs Aliens – for which see below). The truck focuses on the madcap antics of your canine and his owners. In fact, what you get is the adult themes as explained above, intertwined with Marley being the regular in the couple’s romantic relationship and everything goes well until the last half hour when oh my many advantages, it becomes one of the most harrowing and heartbreaking movies of all time, making Kes seem to be like an episode of Dancing on Ice. Marley gets old, and sick. Eventually he should be put to sleep. That’s bad enough you could think, except it isn’t. It’s much even worse. You are forced to look at each member of the family giving their sad goodbyes to their old friend as he will lose the guard survival, concluding in Wilson being there as the lethal injections is administered to put Marley to sleep. And it doesn’t even end there – you then have the utter hopelessness of all the kids reading out their eulogies to the now deceased Marley at the family funeral for the poor pooch. My son was in tears (as were almost all of the audience) and was actually quite irritated about the fact that the film was so sad. I would never have taken him to see it had My spouse and i known what it was really about and sensed very guilty at having forced him to withstand it, combined with difficult issues for small children such as death. Amateur psycho examining aside, I would personally say that it definitely is Not only a film for young children. I’m not sure if it’s even a film for older teenage children.

So, the rating (out of ten):

Dads credit score: 8
Sons score: you
Repeat watchability: 2
Typical: 3. 6 out of 10.

Worth buying Marley and Me as a kids Christmas present? Absolutely not. (Worth buying for Dad though! ).

Marley and Me is dependent on a book of the same name of course (and there is also Marley books in the series) and the book is also worth looking at.